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Galloway Trigg, LLP is an aviation malpractice attorney in Denver, CO. We have more than 30 years’ worth of experience and knowledge in aviation accidents, and have helped many victims recover substantial compensatoin. If you or a loved one was involved in an aviation accident, our professional team of aviation attorneys can help you get justice for your injuries with a fair settlement.
We can also give you expert legal advice on your specific case, and our highly experienced attorneys are always available to help.
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Your Aviation Accident Attorney

If you’re involved in an airplane crash, an attorney can help you fight for compensation. Aviation injury law can be complex, simply due to the number of different parties involved in building and operating an aircraft. Much like trucking companies, airlines and their insurers often have fierce legal teams trained to represent their own interests. Fortunately, here at Galloway Trigg, we fight aggressively for the rights of plane crash victims and their families. We have years of experience in personal injury law, helping clients get financial reimbursement for their injuries and other losses. During an investigation, authorities can usually pinpoint the reason for the accident. Plane crashes can be caused by:

  • Faulty equipment
  • Pilot error
  • Weather and turbulence
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Galloway Trigg, LLP practices personal injury law in Denver, CO, working with plane crash victims on a regular basis. As your aviation lawyer, we’ll help you fight for financial compensation after a plane accident, whether it was caused by faulty parts or a pilot’s mistake.

As a trusted personal injury law firm, Galloway Trigg, LLP serves clients within a 50-mile radius of Denver, CO.

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